This is a place where I share thoughts on the ever thinning line between mass culture (eg. advertising, AI, web3, Beyoncé) and so-called fine art (eg. Picasso, baby).

What qualifies me as an expert on this? I’ve spent almost two decades in the advertising industry, and many more making and critiquing art. I first fell in love with both art and advertising as a toddler, through an ABC book at local library; which featured reproduced images of artworks in the MoMA collection. My favourite works were all pop art: a movement which stole unabashedly from the visual world of branding.

While the advertising industry may be proud of this fact, many art historians still reinforce a distinction between ‘high culture’ and and the rest of the visual world we consume. I am also guilty of believing this border is real. I recently completed a masters degree in History of Art at Birkbeck, University of London. Having passed with a distinction *insert angel face emoji*, I like to think that I am now qualified to talk about art history too.

With the emergence of blockchain-enabled DAOs, Midjourney bots in Discord and digital art being streamed in tube stations the border of what is and isn’t culture is being decimated and I’m here for it.

Through my writing, I want to investigate who benefits from a distinction between high and low culture, how this distinction is reinforced, and critique the places where it disappears.

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Am ever evolving publication including a light history of the finest of fine art and how it relates to the masses of mass culture, thoughts on web3, DAOs and what we can learn from the natural world. Mostly pictures.